The concept of “service” plays a very important role in the Baha’i Faith, so we decided to ask a bunch of Baha'is what service means to them.


For Baha’is, service to others gives life meaning and purpose. Any work or profession carried out in a spirit of service to humanity is considered the highest form of worship. Educating one's children and caring for one's family also are considered laudable forms of service and worship.

In addition to these personal forms of service, the Baha'i community undertakes collective service projects in accordance with priorities and goals set by the Universal House of Justice. Such acts of service may include tutoring adult study circles, teaching children’s classes, mentoring youth groups and hosting devotional programs. Baha'is are also involved in a wide variety of social and economic development projects to uplift the material and spiritual well-being of humanity.

Many Baha'i youth spend a year or two after high school or during their college years in service to the Baha'i Faith, although they are not required to do so. Baha'is may choose from many service opportunities in community development, education and other forms of social service in the United Kingdom and abroad. Before undertaking a service commitment, an individual is encouraged to pray about it and consult with one’s family and Local Spiritual Assembly.